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A small and diverse team of digital practitioners, we care as much as you do about the ongoing success and marketability of your products and services.

Designing digital products in the private and public domains.
Our client relationships are one of our greatest competitive assets.

Richard Alfred
Information/UX Architect

Richard qualified with a degree in Human Computer Interaction and Communications in 1994, and initially worked as an Information Architect at a SmallCap focussing on Business Travel reservation and Healthcare systems. Over the past 14 years, he has helped shape the design of a wide range of digital products from Call-Centre systems used by FTSE 100 companies to Web-based applications.

Richard has a passion for crafting engaging user experiences that balance business and customer needs and for the potential for mobile and voice technologies to transform the digital landscape.

Frida Lu
UX/Interaction Designer

Frida has 6 years of hands-on experience in Interaction Design and Multimedia Design and development. She is skilled in Competitive Analysis, conducting Usability Studies and is responsible for the creation of workflows, mockups, prototypes and user interaction specifications for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Paul Shave
User Interface/System Development

Paul has over 30 years experience in the Software Engineering field with a particular interest in good User Experience. Graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Mathematics, he has recently been working across Self-Service Reservation Business Travel booking tools and Healthcare Insurance applications for the Corporate Services sector on both Web and Desktop application platforms (HTML, PHP and Microsoft .NET).

Adeline Labaune
Business Development Executive

Following completing an internship with us, Adeline has stayed on alongside starting a translation consultancy and continuing to work for a multinational technology company. Adeline graduated from the University of Burgundy, France with a Masters in Multimedia Translation.


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