Our process

We favour a strategic and phased approach to our working geared towards increased user satisfaction whilst completing tasks or purchasing your products or services.

Flexible enough to join your project part of the way through a process.
Experienced enough to lead you all the way through.

Phase 1: Discovery


Phase 1
Phase 1: Discovery

Understanding the opportunity and gathering information

In the discovery phase we focus our attention on the business requirements, the brand, messages and the target audiences, discovering:

  • Business expectations
  • Audience expectations
  • Competitor landscape

We interview stake-holders, review marketing and functional specifications, develop personas for user-modelling, perform usability expert reviews and usability testing on existing products all to inform a robust digital product for the future phases. Different projects always require a different selection of techniques and deliverables.


Phase 2
Phase 2: Analysis

Working through the gathered information

We concentrate on understanding the information we gathered during discovery. Categorising and relating it we look for strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to help you make strategic business and design decisions.

Phase 2: Analysis


Phase 3
Phase 3: Consolidation

Bringing our knowledge together with insights

In this phase we produce any required product artefacts, that is: flowcharts, user journeys, sitemaps, user interface wireframes, templates and prototypes. Regardless of the project complexity we will also recommend some User Testing of the prototype design (be it paper, HTML or on a tool like Omnigraffle™ or Axure®) to verify everything gathered and analysed is being correctly amalgamated into the final product.

Phase 3: Consolidation


Phase 4
Phase 4: Review

The work is presented in a user interface design document. Any prototypes required are either demonstrated on-site or available on a private server for review. If necessary the work can be reviewed using remote collaboration tools and video-conferencing that save on time and expense. We repeat all the steps as necessary until all the stakeholders are satisfied and the original objectives are fulfilled.

Whether your methodology is Lean, Agile or Waterfall (or a hybrid of them) we are also able to provide you with a comprehensive functional specification for your development team as well as carrying out user acceptance testing during your delivery stage.


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