UX Training

Upskill yourself or your team in how to prototype your product ideas. Digital product design experience to help you bring your concepts to life.

Not just for UX designers but for Idea Generators. If you’re a Business Analyst or Product Manager this course will help you better convey your concepts through to fruition.


Why Interactive prototyping?

  • Starting out in the UX space and want to get an excellent foundation in interactive prototyping?
  • Experienced at wireframing and need to add interactive prototyping to your skillset?
  • Want to bring your prototyping skills in-house to your UX or development team?

If you want to convey your interface designs clearly to your clients or create a high-fidelity prototypes for testing your ideas all without the development overhead, Axure® can help you achieve your goals.

Our Axure specialist with years of experience can take you from beginner, through intermediate and into mastery of the most widely acknowledged tool for creating responsive application and website prototypes across mobile, tablet and desktop.

We offer several tuition options:

  • on-site with your team
  • one-to-one in person
  • online over Skype™

Discounts apply if you book both the beginner and advanced course at the same time.

Axure training for beginners

  • Learn how to produce different layouts using Axure, including web 2.0 applications
  • Work with Masters to create reusable components
  • Build interactivity into wireframes using advanced tools
  • Add conditional logic to your prototypes
  • Learn how to create and validate forms
  • Use dynamic panels to build interactive carousels
  • Generate HTML prototypes and functional specifications
  • Learn how to set up and work with team (shared) projects
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Move to the next level with Axure Master Training

  • Create sophisticated prototypes with advanced AJAX interactions, including: Dynamic form validation, Mega drop-down menus, Lightboxes / interstitials, Accordions and more
  • Create adaptive layouts, for mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs
  • Create mobile prototypes that work on any web browser or as native mobile apps
  • Generate interactive prototypes from Photoshop/jpeg visual designs for realistic user testing
  • Integrate flash applications and YouTube videos into your prototypes
  • Use the repeater widget to save time when presenting large datasets
  • Create your own reusable asset libraries
  • Design your own templates to produce high-quality, customised prototype specifications
  • Set up Axure for multi-user, collaborative projects with full version control
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